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Tournament Bound VS Non Tournament Bound VS MOHL - What does that mean?

TB or Tournament Bound is for 2nd year players of an age divsion, which are designated as Major, but only the organization's top team. Pee Wee Major A, Bantam Major A, 16U and 18U.  Minor years are not State Bound, nor are any B teams or Mixed teams in an organization that fields a Major team eligible for the State Tournaments.  Only an organization's top team in its major year are State tournament eligible.  Declarations of being a TB team are made prior to the season, qualifying league game wins determine which teams make it to the State Tournament and very strict record keeping and rules are required to remain eligible.  Teams that win the NYS Tournament are eligible to compete in the National Tournament.

NTB or Non Tournament Bound is for 1st year players of an age division and 2nd Major teams or B teams.  So, if there are 2 Bantam Major teams, only the top team is State Tournament Bound, the 2nd team is only eligible for local playoffs (if applicable, i.e. no 15U playoffs).  There is no NYS Tournament for Minor age divsions.

MOHL or Multiple Organization House League teams are made up of both 1st year and 2nd year (minor and major) players within an age division.  They are eligible for league playoffs.

2018-2019 Birth Year Division Matrix

Birth Year Team Team Team Team
2012 or Younger RWB 6U
2010-2011 RWB 8U
2009 Squirt Minor 9U Squirt MOHL 10U Girls NTB
2008 Squirt MOHL 10U Squirt MOHL 10U Girls NTB
2007 Pee Wee Minor 11U Pee Wee Mixed 12U Pee Wee MOHL 12U Girls NTB
2006 Pee Wee Major 12U Pee Wee Mixed 12U Pee Wee MOHL 12U Girls NTB
2005 Bantam Minor 13U Bantam MOHL 14U Girls NTB
2004 Bantam Major 14U Bantam MOHL 14U
2003 15U 16U MOHL
2002 16U 16U MOHL
2001 18U 18U MOHL
2000 18U 18U MOHL

Program Comparisons

MOHL NTB Travel TB Travel
Registration Fee: $700 $700 $700
Association provided ice time: 40 hours 40 hours 40 hours
Tryouts: No Yes Yes
Cuts: No Yes Yes
Player Draft Yes No No
Equal ice time: Yes No No
League Playoffs: Yes Yes Yes
NYS Tournament Eligible: No No Yes
Local Tournament Eligible: Yes Yes Yes
Out of town Tournament eligible Yes Yes Yes
Scrimmage any USA Hockey Rostered Team: Yes Yes Yes
Limit to number of games/scrimmages No No No
Can teams buy additional ice: Yes Yes Yes
USA Hockey Certified Coaches and Staff Yes Yes Yes