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Thank You

Dear Coaches (and Managers),

I would like to thank you for all the time, effort and dedication you are putting forth by acting as a coach to our Southtowns Stars players. Doing this job well entails more than just teaching hockey skills and game rules. With that in mind I have a few things I need to mention for you to keep in mind during the season.

1. Team Financials - In regards to allotted ice time, Travel and MOHL pricing is based on 40 hours of ice time. Any ice time exceeding the allotted 40 hours is the responsibility of that team. STSAHA will not be responsible for any ice bills that violate this policy.

2. Helmet – You must wear a helmet when on the ice, during practices, before games. That means that if pucks must be picked up off the ice before a game have a player do it or put on a helmet. USA Hockey rule – FOLLOW IT.

3. Locker Room Monitoring – The Head Coach is responsible to see that the locker room is monitored by a responsible adult the entire time any players are in the locker room.   USA Hockey rule – FOLLOW IT.

4. Also, please make sure you check the locker rooms both before and after practices and games. If the locker is not appropriately clean before your team uses it, report it to the rink if it was not an STSAHA team or to the board ( if it was.

5. Players must not enter the ice before the zamboni doors close and must exit the ice immediately when the zamboni doors open at the end of a practice or game. Leave when your practice is over.

6. During any game situation, even if he is only 12 years old or is 62 years old and completely wrong, the referee is right. You may politely ask for clarification or explanation, but nothing is to be gained by arguing with the official. Don’t put your team, yourself, or STSAHA in a bad light by doing so. You only gain a reputation for being an out of control coach.  More importantly, your players look to YOU as to how to behave.  Give them a good example.

7. Coaches are responsible to make sure that all players on the ice are wearing all required equipment. If a parent does not walk his player to the ice surface from the locker room he is entrusting his/her priceless child’s safety to you. Even midgets sometimes make unwise decisions. That is why adults make the rules they are supposed to follow. If they were all mature enough to make all mature decisions, safety rules like needing an unaltered neck guard and mouth guard would not be needed. This is your responsibility.

The above rules apply to ALL of our teams.

Please keep in mind that as a coach, whether a head coach or assistant coach, you are being looked up to as a role model for those players entrusted to you. Even midgets look up to their coaches. It is your responsibility to be a positive role model. The more you model positive responsible behavior the less of a problem you will ultimately encounter with negative irresponsible behaviors in your locker room, and the greater impact you will have in a positive way for your players in the years to come.  Think back in your playing career.  Did you have 1 or 2 coaches (or teachers) that really made a positive impact on you that you still think of?  Be that guy.

Thank you again for all of your time and effort on behalf of all of our players. It is sincerely appreciated.

John Franke

Coaching Director

Southtowns Stars Amateur Hockey Association


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