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If you have any questions about our MOHL program or registration, please contact our director by email (

Registration Process:

To register with Southtowns, you must:

  1. First register with USA Hockey (USA HOCKEY.COM) as a player/coach/manager.
  2. Then register with Southtowns Stars.

Once you have your USA Hockey confirmation page, click on the "2018-2019 Southtowns Stars" link at the bottom of this page to be taken to a website (Sportngin) where you can register with your appropriate Southtowns MOHL or Girls Travel team.

NOTE: No player is to register in a division not appropriate for their age!   See below for birth years allowed in divisons.

Players will be asked to submit a non-refundable deposit of $250 when registering with STSAHA via the Sport Engine website.  Both RWB teams require full payment at time of registration. Those players who were not a part of STSAHA last season must send a financial release from their previous association (if this applies) immediately to hold their spot.  The remaining balance will automatically be charged on August 15, 2018. See Sports Engine registration site for more details.  Players will not be allowed to attend evaluations in early September if association fee is not paid in full. 

The 2018-19 Association fee for MOHL and RWB players is as follows:

The MOHL Association fee (not RWB) covers:

  • 40hrs of ice time
  • 1 game jersey
  • 1 pair of hockey socks and
  • League Fees.

Any additional ice, referee fees, team apparel, or tournaments are the responsibility of the individual team and thus it's players.

  • RWB/6U - Birth year 2012+ - $425
  • RWB/8U - Birth year 2010-11 - $500
  • SQUIRTS - Birth year 2008-09 - $700
  • GIRLS 10U NTB - Birth years 2008-2009 - $700
  • PEE WEE - Birth year 2006-07 - $700
  • GIRLS 12U/13U NTB - Birth Years 2005-2007 - $700
  • BANTAM - Birth year 2004-05 - $700
  • MIDGET 16U - Birth year 2002-03 - $700
  • MIDGET 18U - Birth year 2000-01 - $700

Association mailing address for financial releases:

Southtowns Stars
PO Box 1048
Orchard Park, NY 14127

Registration available for MOHL, GIRLS and RWB!